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Spring 2024 Newsletter

Voices Unlocked

Volume #3 | Spring 2024

THIS PAST DECEMBER 21st LLUP held a third Talking Circle, involving about 20 participants. Robert Horse Stands Waiting and Phillip Yellowbird Still called in from the Durfee State Prison in Springfield, SD, and spoke about the effects of incarceration on themselves and on the indigenous popultation. Stephanie Yellow Eagle and Stacey Low Dog share about their work for indigenous justice.

Fall 2023 Newsletter

Voices Unlocked

Volume #2 | Fall 2023

SUMMER 2023 FOUND LLP actively engaged in events that support the Native American community in Rapid City and across South Dakota. Members of Lakota Lockup Project joined the “March for Justice: Holding Police Accountable” in July as they carried our LLP banner down the Main Street of Rapid City.

Aboriginal Person CulturalSurvival

Cultural Survival Grant

We’re excited to share that a grant for $6,000 has been received from Cultural Survival that will help forward our efforts to spark interest and enable youth, children, and their families and...
Hands Fists Resist Grant

We’re proud to announce that has granted $4,000 to Lakota LockUp Project. The funds will be used for expenses related to interviewing incarcerated Native Americans and developing their...
US flag on Wood Veterans United

Veterans United Foundation Grant

With great appreciation, we share that Veterans United Foundation based in Columbia Missouri, has granted $6,000 to Lakota LockUp Project. The funds are being used for expenses related to hosting...
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Winter 2023 Newsletter

Voices Unlocked

Volume #1 | Winter 2023

WELCOME TO OUR FIRST ISSUE. The Lakota LockUp Project advocates for American Indians affected by the justice system, to support innovative approaches for cultural and historical trauma survival, rebuilding lives, economic justice, traditional family services, substance and alcohol abuse treatment, and equal access to education, thus strengthening communities.


The Lakota LockUp Project advocates for American Indians affected by the justice system. We support innovative approaches for cultural and historical trauma survival that rebuilds lives, strengthens communities, and enables economic justice through provision of traditional family services, substance and alcohol abuse treatment, and equal access to education.

About Us

Throughout Indigenous contact with adverse colonization in the Americas, Indigenous Nations have been in a perpetual LockUp. This spiritual and physical LockUp began with manifest destiny and the conquest of the new world, and continued through diminished lands and sacred sites, congressional tribal sovereignty, and forced Indian legislation, which included the removal of Indian children from their homes and then placed into Indian Boarding Schools.

The ripple effects of these actions can be felt today in the high rates of poverty, addiction, incarceration, and psychological strife in Indigenous communities. The Lakota LockUp Project is advocating to reverse these effects by awakening an emergence of cultural thought and teachings to strengthen family hoops long believed to be broken. We will rebuild lives by disrupting Indigenous pipelines into institutions by shedding light onto injustices, and promoting equitable employment. We will advocate for alternatives to criminalizing social-ills that can be achieved through holistic programs that work and stand on the code of behavior of “Wolakota”, which includes respect, peace, unity, and avoidance of negative acts.

We ask you to join us hand in hand and help us reclaim the universal truth of humanity and healing, thus unlocking the communities today and for another seven generations.

A Traditional Calling for Support…

The Lakota, Dakota, Nakota People comprise the Oceti Sakowin (Seven Council Fires), which are the Great Sioux Nation. Today, under the U.S. Constitution, we are Indians and considered semi-dependent nations. And, under the 1868 Ft. Laramie Treaty we are the Sioux Nation of Indians.

The Lakota LockUp Project is sending you a “Traditional Calling” for support in a modern way. Instead of sending runners on foot or horseback in our cry for help, we are sending you our call through these modern technologies. Our ancestors had a spiritual contract of pure hearts and clean minds to help as a relative upon Mother Earth to come and stand with a fellow human being in need. This spiritual contract reaches across continents and throughout history to reach every human heart for justice in times of darkness and pain to bring relief and light!

We are requesting this same spiritual action or support or accompaniment (choose between these words, or choose a different word) from you, and to bridge a cultural divide to join our quest for justice and equity. Instead, of sending us a feather or staff as my ancestors did in the past to show true commitment to join our plight, we are requesting you to send us an email and commitment to bring about change!

As our great Lakota warrior stated many generations ago, we will unite under the sacred tree and become One again! We can only accomplish this through unity.

Mitakuye Oyasin! (We are all related)

native family

I see a time of Seven Generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the Sacred Tree of Life and the whole earth will become One Circle again.

—Crazy Horse

We are committed to…

  • Re-establishing cultural thought that provides direction in generosity, compassion, wisdom, and fortitude.
  • Building the inner power of the person to reshape their lives, and promoting alternatives for public safety, rather than punishment.
  • Advocating for policy changes, gaining equal access to justice, learning about marginalized historical trauma, and purifying through the INIPI (Sweat Lodge) ceremony.

Services and Programs

  • Creating resource materials (know your rights)
  • Education
  • Cultural teachings
  • Policy and Advocacy
  • Economic equity
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Mental health dignity
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Native Amerians are the highest incarcerated nationality in South Dakota

Graph of the Increased Incarceration of Native Americans

Click image below for more information

Graph of native jail incarceration over time

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