Cultural Survival Grant

Sep 7, 2023 | Supporters

Cultural Survival LogoWe’re excited to share that a grant for $6,000 has been received from Cultural Survival that will help forward our efforts to spark interest and enable youth, children, and their families and communities to gather more frequently at events that offer Native cultural activities – events that the communities can generate for themselves in the future. A Cultural Solidarity and Healing event is planned that will include focus on intergenerational activities, storytelling, crafting and learning. One development from this grant is already the production of t-shirts for identifying our organization as a July 4th rally in Rapid City.

Cultural Survival is an Indigenous-led nonprofit that does advocacy and community development with Indigenous communities, founded in 1972. The Keepers of the Earth Fund, launched in 2017, is a network of 194 Indigenous communities and grassroots organizations, with more than 238 Indigenous-led, serving projects in 38 countries around the world.